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Crane and Transport Equipment

When the manpower is not enough, the work machines used for lifting large and heavy objects are called cranes. Cranes are heavy

is one of the machines. Loads are connected to the end of the crane and a

It helps to transfer from one place to another. cranes;

with human power, electrical energy or fuel oil

works. Gear wheel system of engine power

with the help of the existing rope up or

down movement of cranes working

establishes the principle. from the engine

first move taken, gear

shaft to impeller system

with the help of


1Tower Crane.webp

The tower crane

A tower crane is a steel-built machine that enables heavy loads to be carried horizontally and vertically on a fixed or mobile carrier at construction sites.


Traveling Crane

Traveling cranes have rails on both sides. It has the ability to move on the rail like a train. These cranes are used in places such as ship engine rooms or power stations.


Jib Crane

They are systems used for lifting, transporting and stacking loads from a fixed point with a certain diameter size, 360⁰, 270⁰ or 180⁰ scanning angle.

ceiling cranes.jpg

Ceiling Cranes

It is a type of construction machine used in many areas, and it enables the lifting of heavy objects by moving up and down on rails and horizontal planes.

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