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Hydromechanical Equipment

The science that studies the movement of water is called hydromechanics and the application of this science in technique is called hydraulics. As Turfab, we produce hydromechanical systems suitable for your needs.

Covers (Radial-Sliding)

It is used to control the water level in dams and in water intake covers. In the radial flap application, various insertions and drive systems of the hydraulic cylinder are possible. Both tensile and repulsive forces are applied to the doors.

Turbine Equipment

The device used to convert the energy of a fluid into work is called a 'Turbine'. The turbine consists of a shaft and fins on the shaft.

Spiral Case

Based on industrial expertise in the volumes you require, we offer spiral casing service, commonly used in water turbine applications. The provided case is manufactured using quality-assured raw materials and ultra-modern technology in accordance with international standards.

Lid Lifting Systems

The hydraulic lifter is a lifting system at the rear of the tractor, consisting of a body mounted on the differential, two lifting arms, main shaft, crank arm, piston rod, cylinder, piston and control valve.

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