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Oil Natural Gas - Offshore & Subsea

The oil platform is a large structure, it needs workers, machinery for drilling and extraction of oil and gas from the ocean. In some cases, the platform needs to be attached to the ocean floor, in which case the platform looks like an artificial island. Our company supplies the special alloy steel part.

Fixed Platform

for the exploration or exploitation of natural resources or other economic
Structures or facilities or artificial islets that are permanently placed on the seabed for such purposes.

Semi Submersible Platforms

A semi-submersible platform is a specialized watercraft used in marine roles including drilling platforms, safety vessels, oil production platforms and heavy lift cranes.

Floating Production Systems

It is a floating production system that receives from a submarine through risers and then separates the liquids into crude oil, natural gas, water and impurities at onboard production facilities.

Compatibility Towers

A compliant tower is a fixed rig structure normally used for offshore oil or gas production. The tower consists of narrow, flexible towers and a piled foundation supporting a conventional deck for drilling and production operations.

An oil rig in the ocean.jpg
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