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Industrial Facilities

Industry or industry is one of the main sectors of the economy and the branch of activity that makes mass production by constantly or at certain times, by changing the quality or form of a substance or power by using machinery and similar tools.

Food Factories

The food and beverage industry has different priorities compared to other areas. Ensuring the highest level of hygiene and keeping the product quality high are some of them. Stainless steel is preferred in all areas of the food industry due to its high resistance to abrasives, its ability to be used at different temperatures and pressure levels, its ability to preserve food without deterioration and its easy cleaning.

Cement Factories

It is a type of structure in cement factories, in which the structural elements of construction are produced by cold forming method in various sizes from many walls, floors and galvanized steel.

Treatment Plants

In waste water treatment plants steel structureare excellent facilities that protect the environment and make water safe for communities or industries. This obliges the design of the steel structure to comply with both international standards and local building codes.

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Electricity Production Facilities

A power plant generates electricity with alternators powered by engines that use different natural energies such as geothermic, hydraulic, nuclear, thermal, wind and tidal energies.

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