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Storage and Packaging System

These systems can be customized to your request, such as a pallet or a sled.
but in the form of a cage or the material it is intended to carry.
it has a specially adapted type of support. Some
It is designed to be stackable.

Wheelbarrows and Carriers

Developed to transport your products in multiples or individually
are metal carriers. As Turfab, the product in the dimensions you want
We manufacture transport systems.

Shelves and Coffee Tables

A device used to keep stored products above the ground.
kind of metal pallet.

Hangers and Stands

Helps you organize your warehouse products and save space
It helps. Also for easy storage in your warehouse racking system
It is designed to be separated.

Sheet Racks

Sheet racks are for industrial storage. sheet metal storage
sheet metal including racks, wood, plastic and metal sheet
It allows you to easily organize materials.

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