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Rail Systems and Highways

Types used today and still being developed; high-speed trains based on technologies such as steel rails and wheels, high-speed trains created with magnetic levitation technology, conventional trains, freight and passenger trains and rail systems for the city.

Bridges and Overpasses

A road that connects the two sides of a road with a raised link with steps and allows pedestrians to cross the street without the drawbacks of vehicular traffic on the road.

Train Tracks

Train tracks are the most important railway equipment that determines the speed of movement of a train and the amount of load it can carry.

Wagon Manufacturing

Turfab is responsible for the manufacture, repair and maintenance of rail vehicles and their parts.

Tunnels and Underpasses

An underpass is a type of crossing that is passed under a road so as not to interrupt the flow of traffic, allowing cyclists and pedestrians to reach the other side safely.

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