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Prefabricated Buildings

The type of building that does not require digging a foundation for its construction and all parts such as walls and windows are produced in the factory is called a prefabricated house. Prefabricated houses can be prepared as one or two floors according to the desired square meter and room layout.

Standard Container

Containers are structures in the form of reusable steel boxes produced for efficient, safe and undamaged material transport within the transportation system with international standards.

Open Top Container

Open-top containers are especially designed to be used for the transportation of high-height loads. These containers can be left uncovered or covered with a tarpaulin.

Platform Container

Platform containers have a strong base resistant to high loads and are used for loads that cannot be loaded directly on the ship, such as minibuses, yachts, which have a leash from the top, front and rear.

Refrigerated Container

Refrigerated containers are used to transport a product that requires constant temperature. Refrigerated containers are generally used for fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products; It is used to transport butter, cheese or dangerous-chemical cargoes that require low temperature.

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