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Architectural structures

Structures whose structural elements such as columns and beams are made of steel materials are called steel structures. The foundations of steel structures are generally made of reinforced concrete, as in reinforced concrete structures.

Steel Stair Architecture

Steel stairs are a type of steel construction belonging to the decorative steel category, also known as secondary steel. The staircase, which is formed from vertical and horizontal surfaces with regular spacing between two different heights, provides circulation and whose skeleton or whole construction material is steel, is called a steel staircase.

Steel Construction Projects

Steel Project. It is a type of building in which the existing construction building elements are carriers, many walls, floors and galvanized steel are produced by cold forming method in various sizes.

Space Roof Buildings

Space roof is a space frame in architecture and structural engineering. A space roof (3D lattice) is a rigid, lightweight lattice-like structure constructed from interlocking supports with a geometric pattern. The space roof is used to span large areas with few internal supports.

Special Designs


The steel structure system is a special type of structure in which the structural elements are of a carrier nature (wall, floor) and are produced from galvanized steel by cold forming method.

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