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They are structures with a light steel carrier system, where the bearing walls are formed from steel profiles and the floor and roof panels are combined in accordance with the necessary anchorage rules.

Light Steel Structures

Light steel construction systems, on the other hand, are systems where columns, beams, roofs and other parts are combined by means of cold-formed steel profiles.

Stadium Projects

The stadium steel structure system is made of the material that the structural elements are bearing (wall, floor, roof) and produced from galvanized steel by cold forming method.

Villa Projects

steel houses; Steel joints are made in the area where your house will be built and they are built as more robust and insulated structures by covering from the exterior and interior.

Aircraft Hangars

A hangar is an enclosed structure used to house aircraft or spacecraft. Hangars are made of metal and are used to protect aircraft from weather and direct sunlight, as well as for repair, fabrication, assembly and housing.

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