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Energy and Power Generation

Power generation is a term used to describe the generation of electricity using different types of technology. Of these technologies

some, such as steam boilers, are more than a hundred years old and

others, such as wind turbines, are newer. Today

80% of global energy comes from fossil fuels

is being done. Renewable energy sources coal,

fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas

the one which...most important in reducing addiction

plays the role.

Nuclear Power Plants.webp

Nuclear Power Plants

It is a renewable energy source with features such as being easy to install and use, as well as not polluting the environment and not creating harmful waste.


Renewable energy

It can be defined as the conversion of the kinetic energy of the wind, which is formed as a result of the displacement of the hot and cold air in the atmosphere, into mechanical energy and then electrical energy.


Geothermal energy

It is a type of energy obtained from magma, water, steam and hot rocks in the near layers of the earth and can be used as long as the earth exists.

hidroelektrik santraller.jpg

Hydroelectric Power Plants

As water falls from a certain height, according to the principle of energy conversion, it first turns into kinetic energy and then into potential electrical energy with the rotation of the generator motor connected to the turbine wheel.

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