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Iron and Steel Industry

Turfab's experience, knowledge and many iron and steel plants in the world gained by its production from the 1970s to the present.

Activities carried out with the process equipment manufacturer company

Thanks to this, it has accomplished important projects in this sector.

Turfab, on a turnkey basis;

• Steelworks

• Bar Rolling Mill

• Profile Rolling Mill

design, manufacturing,

assembly anddeployment

processes successfully.

has done.

baglantı boru sistemi.tif

Connected Piping System

We provide services in the section of threaded welded and flange-connected pipe systems suitable for your low, medium, high and ultra-high pressure classes in your projects.

teel Plant.webp


It is the part that produces steel in iron and steel factories. We have steel production in special sizes and designs according to your wishes.

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rolling mill

It is called plastic shaping process with the effect of compressive forces applied by passing the workpiece between the rollers (rollers) rotating around their axis.

Cold Rolling Plant.jpg

Cold Rolling Plant

Cold rolling is a plastic forming process applied to metals or metal alloys at temperatures lower than their recrystallization temperatures.

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