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Pipe is the general name given to materials that are generally cylindrical and have a hollow center. Today, besides the transportation of liquids, pipes; It is also widely used in the transport of gases and chemicals.

Oil Pipelines

An oil pipeline is a system of pipes that consists of large pipes welded together and that allows oil to be transported for kilometers.

Natural Gas Pipelines

Natural gas pipes; our homes, workplaces, factories, hospitals, etc. They are steel pipes specially produced for natural gas transmission.

Water Pipelines

Pipelines are used to carry drinking and irrigation water over long distances, these types of pipelines are used to carry water over hills or to protect them from evaporation, pollution or environmental impacts that may occur in channels and gutters.

Forced Pipelines

Pressure pipes between the water source and the turbine in a hydroelectric power plant are called penstocks. Branches separated from a penstock are called penstock separation or penstock branch branches.

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