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Pressure Tank Manufacturing

Pressure vessel; It is a container that is used for non-incineration purposes and has an internal pressure greater than 0.5 bar and is designed to contain air or nitrogen gas. Hot water boilers, compressors, gas tanks, expansion tanks, LPG tanks are examples of pressure vessels we will give.

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It is applied by transferring the concrete mixture prepared in a suitable design with a concrete pump and spraying it with the help of air.

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Specifically designed for construction projects, site preparation, wall inspection and pipeline drilling as well as production drilling in medium-sized quarries.

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Acid Tanks

Turfab offers a complete range of rubber-tyred underground transport vehicles to suit all your needs. It can be custom made for any purpose.


Acetylene Tanks and Cylinders

Tunnel type mixers designed to be used in mining and similar areas; It provides ease of use with its special design and ideal height.

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