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Special Manufacturing Projects

They are special projects produced only for the special demands of our customers. We are a manufacturer that guarantees that our products are of the highest quality. From stainless steel to the production of technological devices , Turfab uses all modern methods to guarantee the highest level.

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are structures designed to provide cooling water to industrial facilities of various purposes and sizes. It can be of different sizes; There are towers reaching 100 meters in diameter and 120 meters in height.

Rotary Dryers

Rotary dryers are used for product drying in mine, asphalt, cement and similar processes. Dryers work with liquid or gas fuels to remove moisture from materials.

Vertical Coal Mills

Vertical Roller Mills; it is a compact machine that can perform drying, grinding and separation processes at the same time. 

Heat Exchangers

A heat exchanger or heat exchanger is a device made to transfer heat from one fluid to another. In the case where the fluids should not touch each other in the exchanger, the fluids are separated by a solid wall and in this way the fluids never mix.

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